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EDKUB builds a bridge between Cuban and electronic music, it was founded in 2018 by Swiss composer-producer and bass player Fred Sumi. Since his first stay in Cuba in 1995, Fred Sumi has been passionate about Cuban music, especially about the musical style timba. EDKUB was born from his passion and sound aesthetics as a producer: Cuban grooves produced with warm and spherical electronic sounds.

EDKUB is the result of friendship and collaboration with great Cuban musicians during several recording sessions in Havana and Geneva: Duniesky Barreto (congas, others percussions), Maykel Garcia Gonzalez (piano, keyboards), Eduardo Bringuez Ayarde (trumpet) all three are musicians of Pupy y Los que Son Son. Roicel Riveron (timbal) is the former drummer/timbal of Manolito y Su Trabuco and Nestor Lago (tres) is part of Elito Reve y Su Charangon, Marbis Manzanet with her deep and intense voice and the brothers Yassell Sotomayor and Raysel Sotomayor  aka Los Niches with their voices imbued with African roots.

The new single CALLADA 
is out now. The song is driven by Cuban rumba percussions. A mysterious atmosphere is spreading on which the intimate voice of Marbis Manzanet leads us to the magic of the silent nightfall. The first single KEY JAM was played on radios worldwide. DJ Jack El Calvo, the highly respected DJ in Cuban music, selected Key Jam as the introduction in his mixes on social media and in particular in his mix The Lockdown Sessions - Para Bailar Casino  on New Morning Radio, Paris.

EDKUB’s first album will be released end of 2021 and reaches out Cuban music lovers as well as an audience that appreciates electronic sounds as well as jazz improvisations.

The last single EL VIENTO NOS LLEVA carries us on the wings of love. It was playlisted on Swiss Official Radio RTS - La Première.


Fred Sumi (founder): bass, electronic programming
(Gunten, Switzerland) 

Duniesky Barreto: congas, others percussions
(Havana, Cuba)

Maykel Garcia Gonzalez: piano, keyboards (Havana, Cuba)

Eduardo Bringuez Ayarde: trumpet (Havana, Cuba)

Roicel Riveron: timbal (Havana, Cuba)

Nestor Lago: tres (Havana, Cuba)

Marbiz Manzanet: vocal (Havana, Cuba)

Yassell Sotomayor: vocal (Havana, Cuba)

Raysel Sotomayor: vocal (Havana, Cuba)


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